Merchant Processing

We know you will be comparing quotes from a number of providers. Pay close attention to the length of time most providers want your company to sign up for. The sad truth is too many merchants don't realize they will have to pay large penalties to end a contract that may last for over 5 YEARS! Our services require no contract or penalties!

Why Choose Us?

  • No PCI fees, Secuirty fees or Reporting fees. Most companies have these fees, up to $200+.
  • No long term contracts. Most companies make you sign up for 3+ years, look for this with the "Free Equipment" offers.
  • No cancellation fees. Cancel anytime with no fees from any source, some companies charge $1000 or more.
  • Highest rated company. The best BBB rating in the industry, A+ for 20+ years. costco best rating. The only INC. 500 rated company.
  • We guarantee the lowest costs. We will beat any offer or pay you $100.
  • No application fees.
  • No yearly fees. Many merchant services hide this fee.
  • Free supplies. Never pay for printer paper.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. For the lifetime of the account.
  • Instant application approval. You can process in hours.
  • We work directly with you. There are no third parties or "middle men"
  • We are one of the primary Merchant Account providers for Costco members because of our award winning customer support.
  • We are the only provider with 20+ years of AAA ratings with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).
  • We are one of the fastest growing companies on the 2007 INC. Magazine 500 list.
  • We are bonded and directly registered with Visa, MasterCard and specialist banks.
  • We approve your account directly and instantly with no "middlemen".
  • With our Service your business will pay the lowest price guaranteed, for the best processing solutions available.
  • We guarantee the lowest "warehouse" prices and we will beat any quote by 10%, even the "Free Equipment" offers!

Beware of Empty Promises:

  • Don't be fooled If you have a "Free Equipment" offer, of course they are not Free, you will pay many times over with these tricks with hidden fees and long contracts.
  • Never "sign" an online application with a "Digital Signature". You deserve to see ALL of the paperwork so that you know what you are actually agreeing to.
  • We strongly suggest you read the Report, "Top 10 Merchant Account Mistakes" written with an insiders view, by a 20+ year industry expert. Please do not even think of securing a merchant account without reading.
  • Please don't be rushed into a fast selection, all services are not the same! Compare all offers. You may get quite a number of unwelcomed calls from a number of services. Please know that our company will not call you unless you request us to call.

Our Fee Structure:

  • No Qualified Discount Rates
  • No Mid Qualified Discount Rates
  • No Non Qualified Discount Rates
  • No Reward Card Surcharges
  • No Business/Corporate Surcharges
  • No Surcharges at all
  • No Downgrades
  • No Hidden Fees

How It Works:

Its very simple. Both Visa and MasterCard publish the Wholesale Interchange charts. They reflect every possible cost for every card type. There are over 500 categories, but usally only about 10 categories apply to most businesses.

To determine a rate you just need to find the card type in the Interchange tables and add the processing costs:


  • Card Type: CPS/Supermarket Credit Interchange = 1.15% + .05¢
  • Plus Processing costs= .20 + .11
  • Cost: (1.15% + .05) + (.20% + .11¢) = 1.35% + .16¢

InterchangPlus is the most transparent form of pricing for Merchant Account services. Interchange is the wholesale cost that all banks must pay, charged by VISA and Mastercard. InterchangePlus means that we pass through our Wholesale cost that we are getting charged, plus a simple flat fee for all the services we render for our merchants.

Historically only the largest merchants with the most negotiating power were able to get InterchangePlus pricing but the market is getting increasingly competitive and merchants are becoming better informed.

Don't make the Three Tier price mistake. With Interchange Plus you are on an even informational playing field and know the exact Interchange and exact mark-up.

*** Have a lower quote then the one we presented here? Please know we use the true Interchange Charts from Visa and Mastercard. Some companies may send you Interchange Charts that have hidden mark ups. Only trust the actual Interchange Charts from Visa and Mastercard. If you happen to have a quote that is actually lower, we will beat it.

Enroll Today:
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We have any Credit Card Equipment you may need, including Standard Terminals, Internet Terminals, Wireless Terminals, Virtual terminals, Gateways and POS service.

Accept Credit Cards with our free app and card readers on:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod
  • Android Phones
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phones

Remember, we guarantee to be the lowest price, or we will beat your best price quote by 10%. If you have found a lower quote, just let us know.


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Once again I want to be as direct as possible; we simply want your business and will go the extra mile to earn it. We will meet and exceed all of your expectations. I look forward to working with you in the future and know that by accepting credit cards with us, you are guaranteed to become more profitable.

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