Save Money On Energy

Save money on electric, gas and heating oil utilities for residential or business.

Energy Deregulation History...

In the mid 1990s, former New York Governor Pataki signed into law what amounted to the deregulation of the monopolized utilities. This law now gives consumers the choice when it comes to the supply of natural gas and electricity. Deregulation broke down the monopoly and opened up the market to other providers known as Energy Service Companies (ESCOs). By deregulating the market, all suppliers now compete on the basis of price and service. For more information on the history of deregulation in the state of New York, visit the Public Service Commission’s website. There are hundreds of ESCO, companies offering competitive prices, personalized services, and innovative solutions. This gives both residential and business consumers the opportunity to pick the purchasing strategy that best suits their needs. At Sun Energy Management, we find the solution that best fits your need.

How can I save money on residential or business utilities?

The essence of the process is that multiple suppliers compete for your business and we find the best price for you, which reduces your utility costs.

Not all states participate in this plan. Below is a list of states that at least partially participate. If you state is not in the list they do not participate.

State   Electricity Gas
Arizona  Yes  No
Arkansas Yes No
California Yes PC - Partial Choice
Connecticut Yes No
Delaware Yes  PC - Partial Choice
Florida  No Yes
Georgia No Yes
Illinois Yes Yes
Indiana No Yes
Iowa No Yes
Maine Yes No
Maryland Yes Yes
Massachusetts Yes Yes
Michigan Yes Yes
Missouri No PC - Partial Choice
Montana Yes Yes
Nevada Yes Yes
New Hampshire Yes No
New Jersey Yes Yes
New Mexico Yes Yes
New York Yes  Yes
Ohio Yes Yes
Oklahoma Yes No
Oregon  Yes No
Pennsylvania  Yes Yes
Rhode Island  Yes Yes
Texas  Yes PC - Partial Choice
Virginia Yes Yes
Washington DC Yes  Yes
West Virginia No Yes
Wyoming No PC - Partial Choice

We contact up to 150 different natural gas, heating oil and electricity suppliers with information from your utility bill to find the best prices, then an offer is created. The process is outlined below:

  1. We need a copy of one of your utility bills, both the front and back.
  2. Scan and e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Both front and back of the bill.
  3. Residential Customers usually take 2 to 5 days to get price rates.
  4. Business Customers usually take 3 to 8 days to get price rates.
  5. Offer Choices: For both Business and Residential. 
  6. After we receive quotes from the suppliers, we will present up to 5 choices to you. At this point you can pick what best suits your needs or not accept any of the choices.
  7. Your utility bill will change. You will still pay only one bill as before and from the same company, but it will now include the new suppliers name(s), their phone number, the unit charge and the billing amount.
  8. You pay nothing to us. We receive a small commission from the supplier and the supplier gets your business. Everyone wins.

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